Founded in 2006, BURL AUDIO is a pro audio gear engineering and manufacturing company based in redwood-burls-large-e1288320155699 Santa Cruz, California. Based out of Paradise Recording and spearheaded by Rich Williams, BURL Audio’s gear is designed in a commercial recording studio, by professional recording engineers, for recording engineers.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of BURL AUDIO is to provide the best possible recording devices, in modular, outboard units, to all levels of recording engineers at a reasonable price. All BURL AUDIO products are designed to improve your recording, mixdown, and mastering significantly. BURL AUDIO’S products are designed to be a life-long asset to your studio.

Our Plan

BURL AUDIO is dedicated to bringing you ground breaking studio gear that will change your life. The B2 BOMBER ADC will be followed by the B2 BOMBER DAC for detailed monitoring. From these we will derive a modular line of multi-channel ADCs and DACs featuring the same audio path and love of the B2 series. On the heels of the converters, BURL AUDIO will begin offering tasty microphone preamps, such as the B1 and B1D, and outboard Mix Buses. Direct boxes and a clock source are also in the BURL AUDIO product plan.

Webster on BURL

Burl is the root of the word burly. Webster defines burly as follows:

Main Entry: bur·ly Pronunciation: ‘b&r-IE Function: adjective Inflected Form(s): bur·li·er; -est Etymology: Middle English : strongly and heavily built : HUSKY <a burly man> – bur·li·ly /-l&-lE/ adverbbur·li·ness /-lE-n&s/ noun

Burl is also defined as a tough, yet beautifully knotty base of 2000 year old redwood tree trunks. Burly is the heavy surf and fog that descends without warning over Santa Cruz, California. Burly is the dual rectified guitar and kick drum recorded through a BURL Audio B2 Bomber ADC and B1 Mic Pre. Burly is the toughness and heavy build quality of a BURL AUDIO unit. BURL is a creative state of mind. BURL is about music, grace, and power.

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