This B80 MOTHERSHIP features 32 analog inputs via the BAD8 ADC Daughter Card, and 28 analog outputs via 3 BDA8s and 1 BDA4M DAC Daughter Cards. Additionally, it features 4 digital inputs, and 4 digital outputs via the BAES4 card, and expanded clocking via the BCLK Daughter Card. It also features direct hookup to Pro Tools via the BMB1 Motherboard with DigiLink.




Here is an example of a MOTHERSHIP solution for live sound. It features 32 MIC / LINE inputs via the B4 Daughter Card, and 16 outputs via BDA8s. It utilizes the BMB4 Motherboard with Waves SoundGrid technology for Audio-over-Ethernet.




This Mothership mastering solution features the B16 MOTHERSHIP with a BAD4M for 4 channels of analog input and a BDA4M for 4-channels of analog output, both with switchable transformers, adjustable analog attenuation and BURL NextGen Analog op-amps. This solution utilizes the BMB3 Motherboard with Dante Audio-over-Ethernet.




This is a high-end home recording solution featuring the B4 MIC / LINE ADC Daughter Card with 4 analog inputs, and the BDA8 DAC Daughter Card with 8 analog outputs. It utilizes the BMB5 with USB connectivity.




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