Recording remotely has generally meant sacrificing quality, but now with the B16 Mothership with B4 Mic Pre and Analog to Digital Converter and B22 Orca Control Room Monitor you can get a no compromise, professional studio sound all in a 2U interface. Ideal for tracking, mixing and mastering, this solution covers you from microphone to speaker.
The B4 Mic pre offers 4 world class mic pre channels, featuring an all class-A signal path, proprietary BX6 input transformers, NextGen BOPA14 OpAmps, a fully balanced signal path, and XLR connectivity. You can also use your favorite external mic pre, and set the B4 to LINE setting, a true bypass of the mic pre, utilizing the BX6 in a 1:1 configuration. Or if desired, connect your microphone directly to the B4 XLR input, set the Gain to 2 or higher, engaging the mic pre, and utilizing the BX6 as a transformer in a “step up” configuration.
The B22 Orca gives you 4 channels of mastering grade DAC, with two channels controlled by the ALPS (audiophile grade) or ELMA (resistor matched, stepped) attenuators. The B16 Mothership with B4 and B22 gives you everything you need to record at home with uncompromising quality.
B16 MOTHERSHIP Features:
• 2U main chassis
• BMB1 (DigiLink) motherboard
• BMB2 (MADI) motherboard
• BMB3 (Dante) motherboard
• BMB4 (SoundGrid) Motherboard
• BMB5 (USB) Motherboard
• BMB6 (AES/EBU) Motherboard
• 1 BNC Word Clock In
• 2 BNC Word Clock Out
• 2 daughter card slots
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